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Guitar Shredder

Does not shred guitars.
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The Guitar Shredder consists of an electric guitar connected to a specially designed guitar amplifier. This amp is also a paper shredder, and there is a slot at the top that accepts paper. However, no paper will be shredded unless the guitar is being strummed melodically. Additionally, turning up the amplifier’s volume and gain will increase the efficiency of the shredder, shredding paper faster. So the only way to shred documents quickly is to feed paper into the amplifier while rocking out on the guitar—shredding while shredding. As a nice final touch, the paper is shredded into the shapes of musical notes, which fly out of the amplifier’s speaker and into the waste bin.
DrWorm, Oct 31 2010


       [+] As an alternative to shredding, when I am on stage or in the office, I prefer to tear it up.
leinypoo13, Oct 31 2010

       Bun [+]. Might I suggest the Peavey HP Special electric guitar as the perfect compliment to your system? Excellent for shredding, it is...
Grogster, Oct 31 2010

       - for the pun in the title. ++ for the idea. net +
Voice, Oct 31 2010

       @[leinypoo]: Yes, you really rip, don't you?   

       As to your suggestion, [Watered-down rumster], I prefer my custom-built bladed axe, with flames on top. It's a matter of taste.
DrWorm, Nov 01 2010

       Absolute. Class. [+]
zen_tom, Nov 01 2010

       I can imagine the modern working environment which has evil-laugh operated hand-dryers in the toilets and air-guitar operated shredders in the office areas.
hippo, Nov 01 2010

       Sometimes I burn up the guitar or papers as well.
leinypoo13, Nov 01 2010

       Disappointed. +
infidel, Nov 01 2010

       I bow to your expertise on this one, [Dr]; sounds like your ax is up to the task. I also imagine your research department likely has a massive budget just for replacing strings as all that shredding takes its toll...
Grogster, Nov 02 2010


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