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Mirror - Mirror

A mirror reflection of your reflection
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The idea is simple - what you see everyday in the mirror is a reflection of yourself. Since humans are asymmetric, most people are shocked, and often embarrassed about how they look in photographs, and video footage. The mirror-mirror will help reduce the shock (of course for some people, this would need more than a double mirror).

Here’s how it works: the mirror-mirror consists of 2 mirrors placed at right angles to each other, and at 45 degrees to the wall plane, thereby creating a prismatic niche (which would make a nice shelf). The working is similar to a periscope, but it reflects back to you instead of out towards something.

This could take getting used to – especially if you try to use it for shaving.

P.S. - I just changed the name to avoid confusion with another idea. What are the odds that 2 ideas were posted at the same time with the same title? Glitch in the matrix?

energy guy, Mar 15 2005

US patent 370623 (published 1887) http://tinyurl.com/4xzcp
positive reflection mirror (using mirrors at right angles) [xaviergisz, Mar 15 2005]


       A new cosmic dust cloud blew in last night. That may x-plain the uplication-d.
mensmaximus, Mar 15 2005

       Hello, name-stealer. Nice idea. Must have mirrors on the brain, the two of us.
Flux, Mar 16 2005


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