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Look ma, no concavities!
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There are many times when hanging your bulk over the bathroom counter to get close enough to the mirror for detailed ablutions can be a real pain in the back.

One phone call to Mirror-moph inc. and you'll need to stretch no more.
Our crack installation team will remove your existing vanity mirror, along with a section of the drywall and studs behind it to house the mechanisms for your new automated concave/convex mirror.

A rigid circular three foot round frame attaches to the inside of the mirror while a centralized push rod and stress sensor deform the surface inside of the framework so you can appear farther away than you are, or so close that your pores look like moon craters.


       + I need one for tweezing my eyebrows!
xandram, Aug 16 2010

       Sold. Bun [+]. Now, if you can make one that peels off about 40 years....
Grogster, Aug 16 2010


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