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Mirror Defrosters

For immediate after-shower use.
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I like to shave after taking a shower. It makes it easier to do it immediately after because I'm already in there, and my face is already wet, plus it means I don't have to worry about forgetting to do it later.

Problem is, the mirror is always fogged up so I can't see clearly enough to get as perfect a shave as I like, and even wiping it with a towel doesn't help. The cieling vent doesn't help much, either.

So I've been thinking, why not have a defroster for the mirror, that works just like a car's windshield defroster? 2 hot-air blowers, one each above and below the mirror. Turn them on before getting in the shower and they'll keep the mirror from fogging up. Even if they don't work perfecly, as soon as the shower is turned off and stops pumping out more heat and humidity they should clear the mirror in a matter of seconds.

21 Quest, Nov 28 2006

Sort of Baked http://www.plumbing...m/clearmirrors.html
A mirror heater [tastycat, Nov 28 2006]

The Mirror I Mist http://www.halfbake...20Mirror_20I_20Mist
reminds me of this idea by FarmerJohn [xaviergisz, Nov 28 2006]

Sharper Image Fog-free mirror http://www.sharperi.../product/sku__SE394
Granted this is a new mirror, not solving the problem with an existing installed mirror. [craigts, Nov 29 2006]


       The problem has been solved, not the way you suggest, but by heating the mirror.

       See the link.
tastycat, Nov 28 2006

       I suggested a squeegee on the other side of your comb, but I had a tragic typo on "comb" and the idea was kind of lost in the shuffle.
Eugene, Nov 28 2006

       There's at least one difference in application between my idea and the electric heater in the first link. With mine, one can simply tilt the blowers and you have a convenient, hands-free hairdrier!
21 Quest, Nov 29 2006

       I like it. +
jtp, Nov 29 2006

       Take a bar of soap and draw a little in the middle of the mirror, now use a wash cloth to wipe the soap around. Poof! no fog. It does "wear off" with a lot of condensation, but it lasts quite a while, and you can always re-apply.
bigattichouse, Nov 29 2006

       When we would go snorkeling as kids we learned that spitting in your mask and rubbing it around the glass would keep it from fogging up. Don't know about spitting on the bathroom mirror though. Not good for hygiene.

       In the bathroom, just hit the mirror with a hairdryer for about 20 seconds.
MoreCowbell, Nov 29 2006

       I'm a guy and I keep my hair short. I don't have a hairdrier, nor would I be caught dead in public buying one.
21 Quest, Nov 29 2006

       just stop shaving and trimming a beard is faster
dev45, Nov 29 2006

       I recently lived in an apartment with a poor ventilation fan, and so i used my built-in-stand-hairdryer to heat my mirror, just as u suggest. The problem is that when u introduce the heat in a small room like a bathroom, the place gets hot, quick. So, the foggy mirror does get fixed, but the whole area gets really hot, and thats even on the lowest setting. If the mirror has two such heat blowers, it would probably be even worse.

       I guess in the long-term, purchasing new no-fog mirrors work, but in the short term, retrofitting windshield washer-like fins, or maybe some sort of adhesive heat grid, like that on car rear windows.
bummer57, Nov 29 2006

       Quest I think this is great, but I do offer one idea. Clean out your ceiling vent, it did wonders for my fogging mirror. Bun btw.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006


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