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Medicine Cabinet Safety Net

Rescues pills from oblivion
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Ever open the cabinet and have pills fall in the loo? Let's add a net to the bottom of the cabinet, one that deploys as the door swings open, to snag stuff that inevitably falls off the shelf. No more bobbing in the bog for pill bottles!
Steamboat, Nov 24 2015

Similar concept, different risk DocumNets
[normzone, Nov 24 2015]


       " words can't describe how bad an idea this is - might as well have a special net for everytime your pencil rolls off your desk too.... "   

       ( link )
normzone, Nov 24 2015

       [normzone]'s link brings up the vital need for portable adhesive nets for all occasions.
4and20, Nov 24 2015

       This is one of finest medicine cabinet safety net ideas I've ever encountered.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2015

       Still bitter [norm]?
the porpoise, Nov 24 2015

       No, discarding the foreshots and most of the tails makes it as smooth as it can be without real aging.
normzone, Nov 24 2015


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