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Mirror, Mirror

What you eat is what you see
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Instead of health warnings, all packaging for tobacco and alcohol products, sweets, cakes, icecreams and sugary drinks etc should have a mirror panel on their most noticeable surface.

If your reflection shows a slim healthy you with a clear complexion, tuck right in. If it doesn't, put the stuff back and thank your lucky stars for common sense.

Phrontistery, Jul 28 2012

Suggested by No_20One_20Will_20E...Love_20You_20Crunch
[Phrontistery, Jul 28 2012]

...which suggests in turn... You_20Skinny_20Diet_20Products
[doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2012]


       Gives me an idea. (See link)
doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2012


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