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Mosquito strainer

Collect eggs, then dump them out.
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Mosquitoes have a habit of laying eggs in stagnant water, which then hatch into more of the evil bloodsucking beasts. In addition to simply removing stagnant water pools, why not turn some of them into traps?

A mosquito lays her eggs in the water, which sit for a day or two. Then an automatic strainer goes through the water, skimming the eggs from the surface. They are lifted outside and unceremoniously dumped, where they are left to desiccate and die. The device could be solar powered, or even water powered if placed near a stream.

The next mosquito to come along is then presented with a fresh basin of water, perfect for laying more eggs in.

Aq_Bi, Jun 16 2013

Mosquito_20trap [spidermother, Jun 16 2013]

Mosquito filter http://www.petsmart...psNotAvailInUS%2FNo
[bungston, Jun 17 2013]


       Instead of dumping the eggs, why not market them as Caviar to Entomophagists?
Grogster, Jun 16 2013

       Why not just electrify the water at a safe distance from humanity?
4and20, Jun 16 2013

       Have you ever tried to electrify a 20 acre bog?
Alterother, Jun 16 2013

       Have you ever tried to strain a 20 acre bog?
pocmloc, Jun 17 2013

       This can be done very cheaply, for pennies, using off-the-shelf technology. The biomass of the eggs and larvae powers the endeavor. I have this underway in my own backyard now. To confirm the efficacy of the system I dumped a container of stagnant water teeming with mosquito larvae into the the test water - within hours all larvae were gone.   

       Aq-Bi - should you wish to try I will link up where I got my system.
bungston, Jun 17 2013

       [+] for concept and enthusiasm. Needs work.
Alterother, Jun 17 2013

       If mechanical maybe this could be an intermittent fountain? Once an hour the fountain sprays up to a waterfall, with the cascading water moving thru a screen to filter out eggs etc. When the ffountain turns off the eggs will dry and die.   

       I am not sure how to address the problem of eggs, leaves and other detritus gumming up the screen.
bungston, Jun 17 2013


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