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Mist toilet 2

Actually a general use room deoderizer and humidifier
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This machine would have a compartment filled with a fine water mist and a fan to suck air through it. It would be connected to a water source and drain.
Voice, Apr 16 2011


       I'm not sure I completely understand this one - and what happened to "Mist toilet 1"?
hippo, Apr 16 2021

       Yes, this idea was quickly lost in the mist of time.
sninctown, Apr 16 2021

       Is the mist a low-water usage alternative to the traditional flush?
whatrock, Apr 17 2021

       It was a mistake to pay so little attention to the idea's precedent. I'm sure you're all mistified, so I'll get to explaining. The original idea was a deodorizing toilet that worked by creating a mist down where the business is done. This idea is essentially a large box that would sit in a bathroom. It would draw air through a mist of water to serve the same purpose.
Voice, Apr 17 2021

       So it's not actually a toilet? More of a general use room deodorizer and humidifier?   

       If I understand, I could bake this by leaving my shower on/spraying all the time with a box fan blowing air through the spray... For room deodorizing purposes.
sninctown, Apr 17 2021

       // So it's not actually a toilet? More of a general use room deodorizer and humidifier?//   

       Just so. Except the envisioned device would recycle the water a few hundred times and store the excess so as not to waste water.
Voice, Apr 17 2021

       // Different from existing vacuum toilets, that only draw down on the flush? //   

       Mist toilet 1 would have, iirc, only turned on the mist when it were being sat upon. Mist toilet 2 isn't a toilet.
Voice, Apr 17 2021

       //recycle the water a few hundred times// So the water gradually gets more and more rank? Like a flush toilet that recycles the waste water into the cistern?
pocmloc, Apr 17 2021

       Yup. But it's just from whatever's in the air, so it shouldn't get too bad too fast.
Voice, Apr 17 2021


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