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Minimize unpleasant odors at the source
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My brother Wayne discovered that after he creates unpleasant odors on the toilet, that the water vapor created by a shower reduces the odor.

During a shower, he conceived the idea of eliminating the unpleasant odors at the source, using a water vapor misting system attached to your toilet. The misting system would have a nozzle under the toilet seat, and generate water vapor while the toilet lid was up. The system would use the tank as its water source. Power source has not been figured out yet.

The water vapor would have the following expected beneficial effects:

1) Odors would be trapped by the water vapor and remain in the toilet 2) Your rear end would be slightly moistened by the vapor, allowing more gentle wiping action with normal toilet paper, e.g. baby wipes 3) Your spouse and family would be able to reenter the bathroom area sooner than the normal half hour Hazard Zone time period

crock1, Apr 06 2004


       A fourth benefit would be the cooling effect realized during the morning after a hard night with hot salsa.
rockway56, Apr 06 2004

       //...the water vapor created by a shower reduces the odor//   

       Um, any college student that lived in a dorm will tell you that this theory is *not* sound...
Mr Burns, Apr 06 2004

       I'm afraid your "brother" has been sniffing his own unpleasant toilet odors a bit too deeply. What he has discovered is that the small water droplets are actually dispersing the smell over a broader area (the entire bathroom in this particular case). Yes, the smell in the immediate area around the bowl is lessened, but now you've shared your odiferous plentitude with the rest of the household thanks to those free-floating droplets of love. In addition, devices that mist your bottom with water are known as bidets.
eyeguy, Apr 06 2004

       Bidets? I thought they were called will-o-wisps...
futurebird, Apr 06 2004

       No, you're thinking of "masseuse".
eyeguy, Apr 06 2004

       I'm not sure about water, but the sulfur oxide from burning a match certainly does wonders. To improve the design you could replace the water spray nozzle with a small flame thrower running on H2S.
kbecker, Apr 06 2004

       Just fire will get rid of the smell. It something my brother has always done, drops his guts, then gets his lighter out and runs it around himself, mainly his arse area
hatch, Apr 07 2004

eyeguy, Apr 08 2004


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