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Ozone odor killer

Zap odor with a 4000v ozone maker
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Built-in to the toilet would be a 4000V power supply (neon sign power supply) whose leads would be connected to two 6"x12" plates of metal mesh. These mesh plates would be glued on alternate sides of a 7"x13" piece of 1/4" thick glass, careful to leave a small amount of space between the glass and metal. The current would be applied when the flusher is depressed, and would have a 10-second timer. The current would arc thru the glass and be exposed to the air on each side. It lights up with a purple color and has a hissing sound. Vast amounts O3(ozone) would flood the room and infiltrate any foul smelling gases, oxidizing them on contact. The rest of the O3 gas, being unstable, would then recombine back into O2 gas. No harmful effects. Perhaps there would be a 5-minute timer to reset the switch, so people couldn't kill themselves.
itchygoomba, Oct 13 2005

ozone http://www.policyal...archive/ozone.shtml
[po, Oct 13 2005]


       I was under the impression that ozone (on the surface of the planet) was none too good for us.
po, Oct 13 2005

       That was merely propaganda of the liberal media. Ozone is our friend.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       Ozone generating air purifiers exist. Why build one into the toilet?
Shz, Oct 13 2005

       Shz, some guy actually tried to get me to rent something very similar to that at work for the kids loos.
po, Oct 13 2005


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