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Mixed-Member Proportional Representation/Mixed Martial Arts

From smoke-filled room to octagon
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This is a new government style where, unlike MMP, where random entrenched politicians decide who is boss over whiskies and cigars in smoke filled rooms; the decision is instead given to an octagon. All top parties present poll-proportional amounts of fighters to the ring. Last man standing is prime minister and gets to decide everything. The key to winning in the ring is very quick second-to-second ally-making and the whole thing gets decided in 30 minutes.

You may say, this is unfair; this will create a system where meat-headed men rule the nation. But these men will be uniquely suited to conventions like APEC where it is important to eat large quantities of expensive meals and chat people up in short timeframes. Their day to day, will mainly be focused on UFO's, discussing various food-eating strategies, and the rest of the nation can run itself as it always does.

mylodon, Nov 17 2023

AI adds some intelligence to the UN https://www.voanews...etter-/7172680.html
8th would be proud. [RayfordSteele, Nov 20 2023]


       It takes a rare skill to design a system of choosing leaders that's worse than all existing methods
hippo, Nov 17 2023

       I propose we replace the octagon with an elevator. Candidates and proponents get on at the P4 parking level, and the whole deal has to be decided by the time the car reaches the designated floor; lower floors for easier issues, way up there for difficult ones. The speed of ascent is also variable, depending on difficulty of the issue. The press waits at the destination floor for the news.   

       If no clear winner or decision is reached by the time the car reaches the destination floor, the car is allowed to free-fall back to the parking levels, where it is sanitized and a new crew of decision-makers is installed, this time with more motivation to settle the issue. This goes on until the legislative docket is completed or there are no more legislators.   

       This solves 2 problems: 1. Unnecessary legislative delays, and 2. Mandatory term limits.
minoradjustments, Nov 17 2023

       At first I thought this proposal was for exactly the same process we have now, but without the long, drawn-out process. Then I realized you want them to literally fight. So what [hippo] said but unfortunately I can't bun it.
Voice, Nov 19 2023

       Just let chatGPT figure it out. After a few years, it should have it all sorted, unlike any current government.
RayfordSteele, Nov 20 2023

       AI will need to simulate headlocks and leg sweeps.
mylodon, Nov 21 2023

       The only people that have really figured out democratic election processes are those that avoid it.
mylodon, Nov 21 2023


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