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New Slogans For Democrat and Republican Parties

To expedite political discourse
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The Republicans: "Less filling!" in reference to their wanting to trim gubment spending.

The Democrats: "Tastes great!" in reference to their tasty welfare programs and gubment givaways.

This would speed up arguments about which party is the most totally awesome and which party is worse than Hitler. (see link)

doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

The political argument of the future. https://www.youtube...watch?v=nehhH9rfnaw
Start from :08 (warning, girls in underwear) [doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014]

This post explained http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joke
[doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014]


       Identity politics are the scourge of the nation. While I don't doubt people will be far too willing to reduce their perception of their chosen party to a two word slogan I'm against the attempt.   


       Thank you for linking to the word "joke" on Wikipedia. Until now I had no idea what humor is. Your posts are, as always, eloquent and helpful but I think I'm learning too much. I don't want to fly too close to the sun, so I don't think I'll be annotating any more of your ideas.
Voice, Aug 13 2014

       Voice: See link.
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

       Voice: See link.
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

       Not an entirely disagreeable idea. The simplest one word slogan should be the name of the political party. That's how I would prefer a partisan system to operate, that the ideology would be voted for. However, I don't think Republican or Democrat as literal ideologies are sufficiently different to suggest a partisan conflict. Conservative and liberal on the other hand is a more satisfying partisan difference. I can detect the absurdity because on a literal ideological level I would be aligned as a republican, and a critic of democratic society, but not of the required democracy for republicanism to function. Democratic society being in conflict of more liberal or 'libertarian' perspective. However in reality I would support the Democratic party despite the fact rule of the majority is an inherently flawed ideology as a social ethos, given the existence of constitutional monarchies.
rcarty, Aug 13 2014

       Just my little dig at the tribalism of "Column A" vs "Column B" political systems. Not that I'm so smart that I rise above it, on the contrary, but seems like lots of discussions break down into left vs right and quickly begin sounding like the gals in the commercial.   

       As a Libertarian, personally I think both sides are nuts. But like I've said, Libertarians, the party nobody likes.
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

       Call it tribalism you are doing anthropology, call it dialectics and you're doing philosophy. anthropology would say that the left right conflict is a habitual practice of human communities and that it can be removed or replaced. philosophy would say that political ideologies have social material manifestations that sort them into two categories. That these categories happen to correspond to historical materialism is coincidental. By being a libertarian you cant transcend the social material manifestations of the ideological realm just by saying left right is a bad habit that has no relevancy. Political philosophies don't have to acknowledge historical materialism but all will inevitably correspond to class equality.
rcarty, Aug 13 2014

       I'd like to see the banning of selected slogans and cliches. "Hard-working families" gets me, all the hardest working people I know don't even begin to have the time to fit in a family.   

       doctorremulac3: You may enjoy Dan Carlin's "common sense" if you don't already.
bs0u0155, Aug 13 2014

       //By being a libertarian you cant transcend the social material manifestations of the ideological realm just by saying left right is a bad habit that has no relevancy//   

       That's funny that you should say that, because just the other day I turned to my wife and said: "By being a libertarian I can transcend the social material manifestations of the ideological realm just by saying left right is a bad habit that has no relevancy." She said "That's nice honey. Can you run to the store? We're out of milk."   

       //I'd like to see the banning of selected slogans and cliches.//   

       I've journeyed into the heartland of America. I've met with real Americans. No dream is beyond our reach. We're one people bound together by a common set of ideas. Let's celebrate our diversity. We'll find out how great a nation we can be.   

       I'm doctorremulac3 and I approved this message.   

       //You may enjoy Dan Carlin's "common sense"//   

       I'll check it out. Podcasts are what I listen to when I'm working out, they're a big part of my day. Keeps my brain busy while my body is lifting the heavy thing then putting it down - lifting the heavy thing and putting it down... etc.
doctorremulac3, Aug 13 2014

       You must save money on toilet paper.
rcarty, Aug 17 2014

       I don't use toilet paper, it's too abrasive. Gives me an itchy bum bum. "Bidet all the way" for me. Also I should mention I planted toilet paper trees.
rcarty, Aug 17 2014

       And now live from New York the candidates debate.   

       "Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!""Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Tastes great!"   

       Not the stuff of memorable debate. The intro and adds would get better audience numbers.   

       (Note: Posted before he watched the jaw dropping link. Mom)
popbottle, Aug 18 2014

       This whole idea was based on an old American commercial for beer where both sides of the room just yelled at each other "Less filling!" "Taste's great!"   

       Let's see... (puts on green eyeshades and cranks handle of the old fashion calculator while typing in data) obscure reference... not particularly funny anyway...kind of ranty... ok, that equals... yup. We got a boner here.
doctorremulac3, Aug 18 2014


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