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Slide-in Locking License Plate

Prevent theft
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Inspired by [rbl]'s "Theft resistant license plates" (see link), and in small degree by [supercat]'s first anno, I present another solution to the scourge of stolen license plates or stickers.

License plates would be slid into a lexan holder mounted in the bumper of a car (the holder is not removable by any simple means), and a small swinging or sliding door (with a handle or recess for when you need to open it) would be used to close the holder. The lock would be car-key-operated, with the keyhole being in one of the four corners of the plate, the other four corners also having small black round disks for the sake of aesthetics.

Keyholes would have caps that keep road grime out, and could probably work simply off of the tip of the car key, or perhaps the first half, rather than the entire key.

shapu, Jan 29 2007

Theft resistant license plates, by [rbl] Theft_20resistant_20license_20plates
[shapu, Jan 29 2007]


       Sure, I know about the bolts (I have nylon bolts on mine, actually). But this seems far more complicated, expensive, difficult to introduce, and faces an uphill battle for general popular acceptance.   

       And it protects the stickers, which bolts don't.
shapu, Jan 29 2007

       why not just put the number plate on the inside of the front and rear glass. They might come up with somthing that you can see from outside but will not obtract visibility from inside and have it stuck to the glass from inside. Cheaper, right?
hamadeh, Jan 30 2007

       It's also more difficult to read them due to glare and the viewing angle. In many places, it's illegal to have your plates anywhere other than the plate holders (although that's usually a tack-on charge to something like DUI, felony fleeing, or murder).
shapu, Jan 30 2007


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