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Hot Cocoa Truck

Like an ice cream truck, but better.
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Most everyone loves ice cream trucks (at least for the first few days of the summer season). On a hot day, nothing beats getting your choice of a variety of cold novelty desserts delivered practically to your doorstep, brought by white truck and a merry (albeit somewhat grating) jingle.

Of course, for the other three seasons of the year, particularly winter, ice cream isn't very popular and the trucks stop making their rounds.

Why not have the trucks delivering more seasonal fare? In winter, the freezers could be switched out for microwaves, ovens, and (possibly) ranges. Astro-pops and chocolate tacos could similarly be replaced with hot cocoa and warm chocolate croissants. While we're at it, the jingly music could be replaced by recorded singing of seasonal hymns, christmas carols, and the like. After all, who wouldn't be happy to hear Bing crosby singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and know that a warm cup of mexican hot chocolate is mere minutes away?

nick_n_uit, Dec 08 2004

Lunch Trucks http://www.hotdogca...s/4lunch_trucks.jpg
(They can serve hot chocolate on these.) [contracts, Dec 08 2004]

Lunch Carts http://www.izix.com...oticHotdogStand.jpg
I've seen these that specialize in coffees on street corners. [contracts, Dec 08 2004]

Coffee Cart http://www.boncafe....ffee-cart-small.jpg
Seems more decorative, but based nonetheless on an implemented notion of mobile beverages. [contracts, Dec 08 2004]

Hot Chocolate Truck http://www.cincyvineyard.com/feshot.html
[half, Dec 09 2004]


       erm . . . they don't have lunch trucks and beverage carts where you live?
contracts, Dec 08 2004

       While the research on running internal combustion engines on cocoa remains incomplete, I'm skeptical of the commercial viability of such a vehicle class.
normzone, Dec 08 2004

       I think you're close with this idea, but you need a gimmick. I propose the hot desert food on a stick truck. Think hot devil's food cake on a stick dunked in hot fudge.
Worldgineer, Dec 08 2004

       We get it, you live within walking distance to lunch and beverage carts--now quit rubbing it in, [contracts]!!! ;-) Some of us live in boring residential areas where there are no lunch carts and the like. I would really appreciate a hot chocolate truck making its rounds on my street. I'd beat the neighbourhood kids to the truck with my jar full of change. :-D
Machiavelli, Dec 08 2004

       Sorry. Well, that's kinda why I didn't 'em' it for 'dee.' Still, it doesn't seem like a new idea.
contracts, Dec 08 2004

       You mean, "em it fo' dizzle?"
Machiavelli, Dec 08 2004

       (1) No, they don't have lunch carts or the like where I live.   

       (2) From what I've seen on TV, lunch carts are to ice cream trucks what 60W light bulbs are to festive tiki lights.   

       On that note, it would be nice to make the hot cocoa trucks themselves more festive. Perhaps red and green racing stripes, holiday decals, or strings of lights along the edges.
nick_n_uit, Dec 09 2004

       Cripes, my city doesn't even _have_ ice cream trucks. (Believe me, I've looked.) Boy does this sound yummy right now. [+]
spacecadet, Dec 09 2004

       Plus people could get their drugs year round!
Chrishnaugh, Dec 09 2004

       Still searching for Internal Cocoabustion Engine data....
normzone, Dec 09 2004

       Mmmm ... the tutti frutti man is bring peppermint stick ice cream ... mmmm. Yum.   

       Yeah, this idea is underwhelming. Mostly, I say, because coffee coaches already exist in many forms, but also because you could make the case for delivery of cigarettes or other sundry goods. Furthermore; and again I say, if it's so good you'd pay for it from a delivery vehicle then you probably should talk yourself _right_ now into the exercise it would earn you to stroll to the shoppe and buy it.
reensure, Dec 09 2004

       o/~ Chestnuts roasting on an open intake manifold o/~
nick_n_uit, Dec 09 2004

       Unfortunately, apparently, one of those perks is not rent control. I'm paying through the nose to live in the damned dumpster I'm in now. I really need to go find a refrigerator box so I can start getting some equity.   

       Humbug, have a bone, this is nothing new as far as I can see.
contracts, Dec 09 2004

       It was going quite well until that last half paragraph, nick. But now I'll have to shoot you instead. Sorry about that.
DrBob, Dec 09 2004


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