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Internet Pizza

Order pizza over the internet.
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You can order everything over the internet these days, including groceries. I thought it would be nice if you could order pizza from Pizza Hut or Papa John's over the internet.

The reason someone would order over the internet is so that they would be able to track the progrress their pizza is making as it is being made.

When the customer files an order over the internet, he gives them some form of identification (to prevent prank pizza orders), like a credit card. Or a phone number to call to verify the order. The pizza place gives the customer an id number for his pizza that he can use to look up the pizza's progress over the internet.

As the pizza is being made a worker updates the status of the pizza on the website, for the different stages. (I don't really know much about making a pizza, but here are some possible statuses the pizza could have)

-Processing order -Making pizza -Baking -Delivering

That way the customer always knows in what stage his pizza(s) are/is in that he has been looking forward to for the last couple of hours. This idea came to me because I wondered why my pizza was taking so long to get to my house. However, I doubt that this idea would be ever be realized by an existing pizza company because they probably would not want their customers where in production their pizza is.

MooShooFoo, Jan 29 2002

Dominos http://www.dominos.co.uk/ie4/default.htm
Lets you order online. Be warned, this is quite an irritating site. [mcscotland, Jan 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The Internet Pizza Server http://www.ecst.csu...pizza/pizzaweb.html
"All Internet Pizza Server pies are made with 100% recycled electrons--don't let anyone tell you otherwise!" [jutta, Jan 29 2002]

Pizza Pizza http://www.pizzapizza.ca/ordering.htm
Mmmm.... Pizza. Mmmm... dipping sauce for the crusts. [mighty_cheese, Jan 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Command Line Pizza http://www.beigerec...m/cory/pizza_party/
This is for those of us still lounging around in a gui-less enviroment. [photojunkie, Nov 24 2004]

Papa John's has baked this too http://www.papajohnsonline.com
[krelnik, Nov 24 2004]


       Baked: you can do this with Dominos. They don't do the pizza status updates, but then a pizza only takes ten minutes to make.
mcscotland, Jan 29 2002

       Extremely baked, no pun intended. PIzza Hut, around 1995, I think, was the first to experiment with this. I regularly order pizza from Papa John's online.   

       Updating your pizza status would be fairly labor intensive and impractical. Just wait half an hour, and if you're pizza hasn't been delivered, call.
Guncrazy, Jan 29 2002

       Now, if the pizza could be delivered by the slice via the CDROM cupholder door...but that's halfbaked.
beauxeault, Jan 29 2002

       I once tried this when i lived in an apartment, so i'm pretty sure it is baked.
paperclip987, Nov 24 2004

       this is pretty much baked, for a while pizza hut pizzas came with an aol cd... irony.
photojunkie, Nov 24 2004

       I've been ordering my pizza online since 1995. First with Pizza hut, then Dominos and Papa Murphy's. Even some of the smaller local pizzerias are getting in on it. I won't bone a two-year old idea, but this has been baked for at least nine years.
Freefall, Nov 24 2004


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