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Mobile Phone Card Games over Bluetooth

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I was thinking today about the availability of solitaire on the iPhone. It's one card game that requires no connections between people and can thus be played on an individual screen.

There's no reason that bluetooth can't be used to connect phones in a larger card game. Let's take Go Fish as an example. An app could be made that allows several people in close proximity to play the game. Every person's hand could be displayed with one card onscreen at a time, sorted automatically by number and navigable through swiping the screen. Cards could be asked for and given from phone to phone as well, and the "deck" would just be a randomly sorted virtual pile of cards that aren't in anyone's hand. Voice commands like "Richard, do you have any threes?" or "Go fish!" could be used to control gameplay, or a menu on the screen could be used. One app could contain several differently programmed card games, allowing for a quick pick-up game of Crazy Eights at lunch.

DrWorm, Nov 21 2010

Card game for iPhone over Bluetooth http://www.freelanc...line-bluetooth.html
(Request for development) [Jinbish, Nov 21 2010]


       Should be possible to network any number of phones, over bluetooth, using a token-ring structure, but you'd have to roll your own.   

       There's also the piconet/scatternet topology, but that might require something other than a cellphone to be the master node.
mouseposture, Nov 21 2010


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