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Electric Shock Mobile Phone "Ringer"
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A mobile phone with two electrodes on the back. Can be integrated in the battery, similar to the batteries that light up when the phone rings.

When you get an incoming call, the electrodes shock you. Your leg when placed in the pocket causing you to involuntarily kick. Your hand where you wind up throwing the phone. Match different source numbers to distinctive shocks including different shock locations with a 3+ electrode phone.

Unlike a ringer or even a vibrating phone, the phone itself is completely silent on ring. Whether *you* are is your own problem.

joeforker, Jul 20 2004

African Killer Phones http://news.bbc.co..../africa/3906607.stm
Mobile Phone panic in Africa. [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004]

Motorola's Patent http://appft1.uspto...4480&RS=20060084480
Filed 14 Oct. 2004 [joeforker, Apr 23 2006]


       Ha-ha shocks. Not funny. Or useful.
neelandan, Jul 20 2004

       this would piss me off...theres no call important enough thats worth giving me an electiric shock...none!
shinobi, Jun 23 2005

       Okay, you two doubters. Notice that Motorola filed a patent for this invention a few months after I posted it on Halfbakery.
joeforker, Apr 23 2006


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