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Mobile computer doubles as a cane

Similar to Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy computer/communications device
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I was recently reading Mechanics Illustrated and read an article on a new type of monitor. It could be rolled into a scroll. With this type of monitor the future mobile device could be shaped into a cylinder. The guts of the computer could reside in the center of the scroll and allow the monitor to be unreeled like a projector screen. The whole thing could be as small as 2" across and as long as you desire. You could put it in the handle of an umbrella and use the fabric of the umbrella as a solar collector to charge the battery.
I808, May 09 2005


       Personally I don't use my umbrella much when the sun is out.
hidden truths, May 09 2005

       Not even as a cane?
I808, May 09 2005

       Sounds like something straight out of a Heinlein novel.
contracts, May 09 2005

       Actually, it is from Sci Fi but the affore mentioned "Hitchhiker's Guid to the Galaxy" would be the book. I don't remember the author's name but it wasn't Heinlein
I808, May 09 2005

       NovaCane for the Soul ?
neilp, May 09 2005

       //Personally I don't use my umbrella much when the sun is out.// So the rumour about you being Michael Jackson isn't true, [ht]?
[1808] Where would you print "Don't Panic" on this device?
coprocephalous, May 09 2005

       Douglas Adams wrote the Hitchhikers Guide, and I don't recall a cane computer in that book. Robert Heinlein, on the other hand, has a "wisened, elderly-but-tough" fatherish figure in almost every one of his books. Usually with a nifty cane :-)
contracts, May 09 2005


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