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I live with a troll

See appliances as minions
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This AR app would replace one's Roomba with a tiny troll, minion, Minion, igor, giant ant, starving man in irons, or other creature pushing a vaccuum cleaner. An automated lawn mower becomes the same, with a lawn mower. The washing machine becomes one of those with a washboard. The dishwasher, the fan, well you get the idea.
Voice, Jun 23 2022

Roomba Roach Roomba_20Roach
[Voice, Jun 23 2022]


       Ooh, I want a house elf.   

       ^ Now you're just being elfish.
AusCan531, Jun 24 2022

       + Need Sasquatch to push the snow blower!
xandram, Jun 24 2022

       [xandram]; you mean a yeti. Sasquatch is for the mulcher.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 26 2022

       A witch with a broom that acts as the vaccuum.
blissmiss, Jun 27 2022

       Well, Yeti and Squatch are cousins…
xandram, Jun 27 2022


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