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Incorporate RFID storage in medical devices

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You can (see link) have an operation which puts RFID storage under your skin. However, operations happen all the time which put stuff in your body - hip replacements, bone repairs, root canal fillings, etc. It seems a wasted opportunity not to incorporate a few GB of RFID-enabled storage with each of these. This could be used or banking/payment, for storing photos or diary information etc.
hippo, May 15 2017

https://www.extreme...as-wireless-storage [hippo, May 15 2017]


       Body cavity searches will take longer.   

       A police matron with an exacto knife and duct tape, will retrieve the RFID device.   

       Police flashlights will contain electronics detecting hardware.
popbottle, May 15 2017

       This is all well and good until the police come and arrest your pancreas for downloading something illegal.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 19 2017

       True, pretty extreme way to archive your hipster porn.
wjt, May 21 2017


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