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[Oct 19 2002, last modified Aug 18 2007]
(+1) Anti-stall controller
 Automatic toll system
(+1) Bad weather auto disconnect
 Ballistic fencepost
(-1) Beer soaked popcorn
(+1) Biofeedback in your sleep
 Breathing generator
(+5, -1) Bridge over everything
 Bubble watcher
(+1) Childcare at the car pool
 Coax power plug
(+4) Coffee eyeball
 Combo drives for USB
(+3) Continuous flight carrier
(+2) Cookie centrifuge for washing machines
(+3) Cool drinks fast
(+1) Custard filled stop signs
(+1) Custard safety handles
 Customized laser pointer
(+1) Dish/Washer
(+2, -3) Drive through parking
 E-mail encryption
 Evaporating Adhesive
 Everyone can get welfare benefits
 Extra digit
(+2) Faucet reads sign language
 Flip up lights for SUVs
(+1) Foam sheets
(+2) Forever bicycle light
(+3) Galileo fish
(-1) Garage door eliminator
(-3) Google the Bakery
(+1) Green grown plants
(+1) Hot glue tape
(+1) Hot pot warning
 Human electricity
(+1) Identify Sockets and Devices
(+4) Lava Clock
(+6) Let's all sweep the streets
 LINUX for music
 Magnetic Treadmill
 Meat Dressing
 Modem link
 Moiré wear
(+2) Money dispenser for cars
(+1) Moon mill
(+1) Mouse tooth
 Mu Money
 Multi mouse
(+2) Multi purpose rolled newspaper
(+1) Multilingual color text
(-2) No copy protection for CDs
(+1) No longest day
 No more mirrors
(+1) OS on DVD
 Paper paint
 Party tube
(+4, -1) Passenger carrying turbine
(+6) Penny Vending
 Preseated passengers
(-1) Public Service Lottery (2)
 Quad colored socks
 Really cheap travel
 Remote control for parking lot
(+2) RFID for Veggies
(+1) RFID stickers for the monkey
 Safe pin entry
(+5, -1) Single Dishwasher
(+1) Sinking house
(+3) Smell Phone
 Space aquarium
(+2, -1) Special characters for do-not-use-quotes
 Springform pot
(+2, -1) Stamp without value
 Stare at that button
(+1) Stepmother's cell phone
(+1) Stereogram address
(+4) Stick and circle alphabet
(+1) Subconscious speed limit
 Super conductive gas pipelines
 Talk to your car
 Talk to your TV
(+1) Tear off screen
 Telemarkters-Stay-Out Buzz
 The world by satellite
 Toilet Tank Trickle Warning
 Truck mounted shaker
(+5, -1) Under what conditions was this made?
 Where am I?

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