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MockThigh Hand Dryers

Wet toilet hands? Not anymore
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Replace wasteful towel dispensers and hopeless hot air dryers with lifesize moulds of actual thighs covered in the fabric of your choice.

Co-ordinate with your lavatory, change to suit your mood.

Save frustrated minutes of dryer angst and years of wear, tear and questionable soiling on the actual trousers you end up drying your hands on anyway.

autopilot, Nov 07 2001

This Kylie? http://www.kylie.com/
Note the pink pop up (You nasty boys) [reensure, Nov 07 2001]

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       I'm guessing the celebrity thigh moulds will be popular. And why stop at thighs?
<imagines life-size towelling-covered Kylie>
hippo, Nov 07 2001

       Of course if actually was Kylie herself I'd never wash my hands again.
stupop, Nov 07 2001

       This would also lead to a new flowering in men's legwear fashion, as no longer would our choice of trousers be dictated by the requirements of absorbancy and not showing wet hand marks. Now leather, PVC, velvet, velour, gold lame, become practical at last!
pottedstu, Nov 07 2001

       And in restaurants, instead of putting napkins out at the tables, there should be lifesize molds of actual arms covered in the sleeve material of your choice.
PotatoStew, Nov 07 2001

       Stew, that should be for runny noses everywhere as well.
thumbwax, Nov 07 2001

       <imagines life-size tissue-covered Kylie covered in bogies>
hippo, Nov 08 2001

       Who's Kylie, anyway? Are you talking about Kylie Minogue? I thought she stopped being famous ages ago...
snarfyguy, Nov 10 2001

       She recently started being famous again, but in a more sexy sort of way.
stupop, Nov 12 2001

       what stupop said.
kaz, Nov 12 2001

       Or terrycloth nappies?
pottedstu, Nov 13 2001


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