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Model Rocket-Powered Golf Club

Guaranteed to improve your game.
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This driver looks completely ordinary, except for two unusual modifications. In the back of the club's head, there is an angled, tube-shaped slot. The handle of the club is surrounded by ring- shaped fingerholes. At close inspection, a small stud-shaped button is revealed to protrude from the handle.

Before use, the owner of the club inserts a model rocket motor into the slot, with the nozzle facing away from the head of the club. The slot is designed so that any class of motor can be hooked sturdily into the tube. The power of the motor chosen is, of course, up to the user, as more adventurous types may opt for high power motors, while the more cautious will not.

After teeing up, the golfer positions him or herself in the desired position to swing, then hook their fingers into the fingerholes as they grip the handle. The button on the handle is below the user's thumb. At the end of their backswing, the user presses the button, electrically igniting the motor, then completes their swing aided by the impulse of the angled rocket. The added force increases shot distance, of course. The motor burns out during the followthrough to avoid problems.

Users are urged to use a modified back swing so they don't singe the hair off of the right side of their heads.

DrWorm, Sep 03 2009

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       Ill considered, unsportsmanlike, dangerous and potentially lethal use of pyrotechnics......   


       (Anything to make golf interesting. Note: not "more interesting". Since golf is duller than watching paint dry, it can only become "interesting".)
8th of 7, Sep 03 2009

       "Guaranteed to increase the speed of your swing" I would believe.   

       "Guaranteed to improve your game." uhhhh...   

       Do you mean that on each subsequent hole, your competitors will still be so badly shaken that they will hardly be able to hit the fairway?   

       (About 4 to 7 seconds after your swing, the ejection charge will fire, which will spit the spent casing out of the club. If you're careful about how you hold your club after the follow thru, you might get the casing to go down the neck of your partner's polo shirt. :)
lurch, Sep 03 2009

       God...Give a guy a stick, a ball, and some dirt, and sure enough, eventually there will be a "rocket" attached to it.   

       Some how
Some way
Some thing

       The stick, or the ball, or a clod of dirt. I think. And I mean that in the best possible way.
blissmiss, Sep 03 2009

       <whispered aside>   

       Sigmund Freud ....   

8th of 7, Sep 03 2009

       Beaten to it by King Dedede. However, [+]   

Lottere, Sep 03 2009

       What could possibly go wrong?
nomocrow, Sep 03 2009

       What could possibly go wrong?
nomocrow, Sep 03 2009

       [nomocrow], well, uh, you might, uh, poke yourself with the tee.
DrWorm, Sep 04 2009

       Well, the original subtitle for this one was "For fun, not sport", before I changed it. Besides, "rules" never stopped anyone before. Think about your foodwagon idea (which I bunned). I'm sure there are laws against firing food out of cannons like that.
DrWorm, Sep 05 2009

       Go for it. It's recreation; hang the rules. If a couple of guys out for fun slide the cart down a hill into a pond on the slick, dewy morning grass (hit the brakes too late) it makes a good story that even non-golfing guys like to hear. It's already been done, though. There was a club that used .22 blanks loaded in the head to give aging golfers a bit more oomph. It worked.   

       I know fun people. The estimator at work took the secretary's 12 year old son out. At the driving range, the boy told him to try the "Happy Gilmore" swing. So Dave backed up, ran and swatted it like a hockey puck. It was a terrific drive. You can't do that twice, but you have to try so he did. The second time was as good as the first. Better than most of his tee shots. How many people would even try this? As I said, I know fun people.
Zimminger, Sep 05 2009


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