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Models' Minimum Weight Clause

Reduce anorexia by at least 50%!
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Women know about the pressure to look like a fashion model at all times. They hate models, and yet they worship them at the same time, wanting to look just like them. Here's an idea for models and movie stars, and I'm sure if all the women of the world stick together, it could happen. A minimum weight clause would be included in every model's/movie star's contract. A good minimum weight would be, say, 10 lbs overweight for their height, excluding certain circumstances such as illness, religious fast, etc. All studios would want to adopt this policy, for fear of pissing women off. This policy could apply for men as well, although usually it's not nessacary.
Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

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       //if all the women of the world stick together, it could happen//   

       Would that be reffering to the minimum weight?   

       I don't like this idea. Sorry, but its nothing personal, its just that i feel that press gets enoguh stick for printing people who are thin in the papers. They are in the papers because people like them, not just men, but women too. No-one forces anyone to become anorexic, people choose to do it because they end up worshipping someone who's metabolism works differently from theirs, not because the press pritns a photo.
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       This must be this week's theme.   

       Sweeping generalities win no bread from me.   

       I'm a woman and I neither feel 'pressure' to look like a model nor do I hate models. People should be free to look however they wish to.
bristolz, May 16 2002

       Indeed Bliss, in some cases there are other factors, but as we are dealign with the subject of 'models' i feel that i was best to focus on the obssesive and specialised, as opposed to the complex and general.
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       Weight, height, features, typecasting are specified on Theatrical/Commercial/Print "Breakdowns" already. If you don't meet criteria specified, along with having a modicum of talent/photogenic capabilities you don't get the contract and your agent doesn't get commission.
thumbwax, May 17 2002

       How would you enforce this? The studios would make thin women swallow lead weights.
pottedstu, May 17 2002

       I get it - it's a pun!
//if all the women of the world stick together//
every two women
=double the weight
=reduced anorexia by 50%.
sappho, May 17 2002

       Why not? it wouldn't hurt to have guidelines, they already probably rufuse very overweight people. It would reduce the amount of very thin, ill looking models. And models are role models, even if you are influenced subconciously or not.
Kunka, May 17 2002

       In Africa they use larger people to advertise products, because it is a sign of prosperity. They still have anorexia in Africa.   

       They still have it here as well. In fact, I believe they have it most places.
Incidentally, what did you stop doing for the King to make you his ceaser?
angel, May 17 2002

       I thought a ceaser might be like an executioner.
pottedstu, May 17 2002

       " Hey You, yea you, the one with the very, very long user name...can't you condense? "   

       My user name has already condensed. If you are pressed for time, i suggest something like Prince Alexander, Your Highness, Your Majesty, The Prince of Ruthenia, something along those lines, Blissmiss.   

       What do you mean by 'Trolling' Blissmiss?   

       No, i haven't been at the halfbakery for decades, more along the lines of days.   

       So Trolling is the equivelent of being a twit then?   

       Hmmm anorexia is an old friend of mine-- one I've been trying to pry myself lose from for years. I've known many people with anorexia and while you have the best intentions here it's not the thin models that cause anorexia in many (most?) cases. Also by having a standard you are just perpetuating the idea that there is one right way to look. I think people can be beautiful at a wide range of weights from gangly to corpulent-- Also this seems like censorship so I hate it.
futurebird, May 17 2002

       Something tells me we're not going to hear from bohemianqueen again...
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       Yeah, i think she was a neo-peppy cheerleader-hater secret wannabe-actor yank. But then i'm not down with the street slang.
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       Maybe sparki without the 'i'
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       See link, there is a good link on the page for "thin or fat" - beauty is neither.
arora, May 17 2002

       Uh, a bit harsh dissecting the girl on her own idea. And some of my best friends use AOL, so don't mock. She posted a couple of fairly typical first ideas, and it's not as tho she's defending succulence, using a 30-character name, or proposing we attach tasers to marmots and slip them into SUVs while the drivers aren't looking. Actually, that would be cool, heh heh.
pottedstu, May 17 2002

       Aol? Isn't that a computer joke?
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       I'm voting for this because I have a friend who's needlessly anorexic, not because she's trying to look like any models or anything, just because. It generally worries me and she sometimes gets quite down about it so I think this is a mildly good idea just if it prevents other people from getting as down as her.
kaz, May 17 2002

       Anorexia is a disease, not a diet, and your friend should go to a counselor/psychologist/shrink/ to find out why she is doing this to herself. Please encourage her to get help
dentworth, Mar 26 2009

       Amen [dentworth]
gnomethang, Mar 26 2009

       A society that would support such a dictate would be quite fascist. The arbitrary repression of ideas or activities because of the perceived harm that they cause to society is a very dangerous habit for a community to fall into. If the individual is not free to choose, and is instead limited by the perceptions and judgments of the majority (or a vocal minority) then the individual need never be persuaded or educated or even rejected by society, it could also be said that the repression of ideas and activities by force is an alternative to the intense task of building a healthy society based on common humanity.   

       If you want to live in a society which has healthy (in your judgment) ideas and activities you must be willing to openly laugh at, argue against and actively compete with the unhealthy. You must stop supporting the industries that use negative messages and actively support their alternative. You must be unafraid to demand that you be heard, even by individuals that disagree. Speak Boldly.   

       If you think that you can free society by dictatorship, expect fierce resistance.
WcW, Mar 26 2009

       If we need all the women in the world to get together on this, doesn't that qualify the idea for M-F-D- (let's all)?   

       And why do all the women need to get together on this? Assuming (as this idea does) that film and magazine images are a contributing cause of anorexia, then only controlling the film and magazine images are needed.   

       With the extent of computer enhancement going on with those mediums today, we don't even really need to control the weight of the models and actresses. Just their on-stage appearance of weight.   

       Also, as this is art, I'd suggest that you allow for an escape clause, in the event of films trying to depict anorexia as a disease.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 26 2009

       // A good minimum weight would be, say, 10 lbs overweight for their height// That's stoopid, surely? Did you mean 10lb underweight?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2009


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