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sanitary toenail clippers

clip toenails the safe and clean way
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Clippers catch shards of toenail as they fly away from toe. No more toenails in the carpet!
novamax, Jul 14 2000

'Easy Hold' Toenail Clipper from Trim USA http://footexpress....FE&Product_Code=631
Toenail clippers with finger grips and nail clipping compartment. [dgeiser13, Jul 14 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This honestly just occurred to me: wrap the clippers and the extremity to be trimmed in a loose, clear plastic bag. Then, operate the clippers from outside the bag. No fuss, no muss.   

       "It's a good thing."
centauri, Jul 14 2000

       just trim them outside on the lawn or wherever, silly.
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       Useful for Eskimos, though.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 15 2000

       Err... baked. I have a nail-clippers-in-a-plastic-shell thing which does this.   

       Damned thing doesn't have the little scraper doohickey, though.
ZediWarrior, Sep 18 2000

       my friend once got a nasty infection after stepping on a toe nail from her roomate's boyfriend's foot. things like this shouldn't happen...
celizafinn, Oct 16 2000


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