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Reverse Placebo Designer Drugs

Doesn't alter your subjective state, but simply makes it the in-thing, baby.
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People use drugs for reasons as innumerable as the drugs in the pharmacopeia themselves. However, generally the main reason is threefold, to improve the way they think, feel and act.

People use Reverse Placebo Designer Drugs (RPDD) for recreational and psychiatric purposes for the same reason, but only to similar effect.

For example take the case of Johnny: Johnny was suffering from Depression because, as his psychiatrist said,
1) His neurotransmitters were fucked
2) He wasn't taking medications
3) His will was still his own.
Or as Johnny said
1) life sucked
2) everyday was the same
3) nobody listened to him.
Then Johnny tried Reverse Placebo Designer Drugs and now he's the life of the party. He's still depressed, but everybody thinks he's on downers.

That's right, no matter your subjective state simply take Reverse Placebo Designer Drugs and with one little sugar pill every so often convince yourself your affliction is its desired effects.

rcarty, Jan 03 2011

Medical ritual is enough to engage the placebo effect. http://psychcentral...placebos/22106.html
[daseva, Jan 03 2011]


       heh [+]
FlyingToaster, Jan 03 2011

       Placebos work though. Even when we know they are placebos. <linky>
daseva, Jan 03 2011


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