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Modern Day Gladiatorial Event

Think World Championship Wrestling meets Russell Crowe Movie
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This could be considered the next step from professional wrestling: modern day gladatorial events!

Take an old, abandoned stadium, spruce it up to make it look like the Colliseum, lay some sand on the field, create some "personalities" and you got the latest craze!

Of course, it would have to be fake, as killing isn't exactly lawful these days, but considering the popularity of professional wrestling, this would be very sucessful.

Plus, there could be event offshoots: chariot racing, water battles (as they did in ancient Rome), and be more true-to-history than so-called gladiator shows like...American Gladiators.

mrkillboy, Jun 30 2000

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       I've been thinking that fencing would be much better if instead of being fought on a very long, thin court (or whatever it's called) the court was maybe 10m square with some tables and chairs scattered about. That way the contestants could hide behind or leap on top of furniture, for enhanced swashbuckling effect.
Skinny Rob, Aug 16 2000

       And banners hanging on the walls, and a staircase and chandelier...this would make it a LOT more fun...
StarChaser, Sep 02 2000

       good idea... but forget fake LEGALISE KILLING HEHEHE!!! naaah... i cant really say that with my paintball war idea so i say skinnyrob has the right idea, but dont just have swords there should be all range of weapons like spears etc.
panthaz paradise, Apr 02 2001

       I would love to have this on the medieval channel.
Amishman35, Dec 28 2003


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