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Moiré Flyscreens

Inspired by "So far away flyscreen"
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MaxCo.'s flyscreens are custom-made upon receipt of a photograph of your loved one or favourite dog, and are suitable only for use in conjunction with windows or glazed doors.

Each screen (which looks like a perfectly ordinary fine mesh screen) is supplied with a matching transparent adhesive film. The film is printed with very fine lines, in a seemingly regular grid similar to the mesh itself. The adhesive film is fixed to the glass, and the mesh screen is fixed in front of it as usual.

As if by magic (yet, strangely and importantly, no magic is involved), a shimmering replica of your photograph appears, floating and shifting at an indefinite distance in front of the screen.

"Why Maxwell! How do you do that??", I hear you cry. Easy, I respond. Although the screen and film appear to show regular mesh patterns, the lines are fractionally offset in a carefully computed way. When superimposed and viewed at the correct angle, the Moiré effect creates a shimmering, shifting ghost of an image. Batteries not included.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2008

Moiré patterns http://www.newtrier.../patterns/moire.htm
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2008]

Moire animation sculpture Moire_20animation_20sculpture#1137985942
shameless self-promotion [xaviergisz, Jan 14 2008]

Op_20Art_20Venetian_20Blinds aussi [xenzag, Jan 14 2008]

In a similar vein... http://www.archmedi...&article=7&typeon=2
I passed thru' Brisbane the other day, and this building looks awesome as you drive by. [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 15 2008]

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       One star field screen, please.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 14 2008

       [+] I have a Psycho shower curtain - this could have a similar scary image.
xenzag, Jan 14 2008


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