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Moiré wear

Show off your undies with interesting effects
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Wear underwear with black and white lines. For outer pants and shirt wear stripes of black fabric and transparent foil sewn together. Of course they have to nearly line up with the stripes of the underwear. As you move the two surfaces move against each other creating the illusion of a Moiré movement.

With the right pattern (probably something circular) teenage girls who are concerned about their underdeveloped front could add the illusion of an extra bounce. Less daring people could at least wear shoes with a double outer layer. As the shoes flex they give the illusion of something crawling around on their feet.

kbecker, Jun 01 2004


       Or it could just look really neat on other articles of clothing. Especially if the different layers are different colors. +
sartep, Jun 01 2004

       <resists temptation to anno something> Whew, that was close!</rttas>
ghillie, Jun 01 2004

       [+] just for the mental image of a girl I know wearing these. Definitely buns... definitely.
zigness, Jun 23 2004

       cool if you get the materials right you could generate a tonne of static too! ;)
not-arf, Jun 23 2004

       Sort of baked? There were these jerseys that are breathable with thousands of evenly spaced holes in them. Light casts a shadow on the wearers skin and strange patterns emerged in much the same way as your idea with the two layers. Really nausiating to watch for any period of time, and not just because I only ever really saw it on fat guys.
Spare parts, Jun 23 2004

       I wonder if there is a pattern to make fat guys (apparently) shrink.
kbecker, Jun 23 2004

       Sound like a very cool idea. If you want a marketing contact, try Juliet Fillingham at Top Shop in the UK (major teenage clothes label) on +44 20 7291 2628. Let me know how you get on, I have a part developed clothes idea too...
originalsen, Jun 24 2004


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