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Nipple Shirt

Expose only the nipples
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This is a shirt with holes cut out that expose only the nipples. I thought of it as a solution to these stylish, overly-tight, plain, colarless, t-shirts I bought about a month ago, as a solution to a badly airconditioned workplace, when I just noticed, on my second day of vacation, when i had some time to look in the mirror, that the most eye-catching feature of these shirts is that my nipples protrude through them. So for extra air conditioning, and as a fashion statement, and maybe for the ladies as a political statement, why not expose just the nipples?

Or for modesty's sake, if you wern't willing to go all the way, maybe you could have little Venetian blinds over each nipple hole.

JesusHChrist, Aug 22 2013

here- haha http://24.media.tum...eg1rc43kno1_500.jpg
[xandram, Aug 26 2013]


       Or t-shirts pre-indented so that when the nipple pushes the indentation out, the effect is a flat surface.
rcarty, Aug 22 2013

       Hold the phone, if it's possible to reverse prominent nipple protrusion by indenting fabrics, then a range of sizes could be produced, even to accomidate some women. The question is, what's the critical threshold for antinipple convexity?
rcarty, Aug 23 2013

       "Venetian nipple blinds" has a nice ring to it.
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2013

       Or maybe victorian curtains.
JesusHChrist, Aug 23 2013

       I would propose shirts covered with nipple-like protrusions so it's impossible to tell which the real ones are.
Voice, Aug 23 2013

       [Voice], you read my mind! (Counseling available)
Grogster, Aug 26 2013

       On a related note I support all efforts to increase the degree of nudity in society, in every form and forum.
Voice, Aug 27 2013

       Timed with yet another protest, in Vancouver, by people marching in support of the right of women to go topless... in a place where women are allowed to go around topless.   

       Which has led me to believe that walking around shirtless makes your brains fall out your boobs.
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2013


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