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Molartype Bold

make a dental font for a manual typewriter
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I have aquired a manual typewriter for the purpose of making a piece of work.

I intend modifying each of the metal keys that strike the paper through the black inked ribbon. The modification consists of replacing each letter and symbol with that of a different miniature dental molar. In this way when letters are struck they will imprint unto the paper as a series of embossed teeth bite marks.

Some teeth will have the imperfections of decay, and fillings, while others will strike at odd angles. A few of the teeth will be deliberately loose, and protruding to various degrees so that their impacts are never consistent.

Documents created using Molartype will still be legible, as long as the key is followed indicating which tooth marks correspond to which keyboard letter.

xenzag, Aug 17 2019

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       Interesting idea. Can you get enough difference from teeth to get a whole 36 (or 60+ if you want to get all fancy) distinct "imprints"?
Link photos when you're finished!
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 18 2019

       The serial killer Michael J. Loften had his teeth filed so that his bite-marks on victims' skin spelled "MJL" in Morse code. Despite this, he was inexplicably acquitted not once but twice, before finally being convicted of three murders (out of an estimated 15) in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2019

       I did post an idea entitled Lino-teeth which was about a denture font.
xenzag, Aug 18 2019


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