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Moment of Noise

If you are gonna have a moment of silence in schools what about a moment of noise?
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The concept is simple, instead of a moment of silence in which students can pray, meditate, worship, fall asleep etc...

There should be a moment of noise. Durring this time students could chant or sing gospel toons. They could even yell random curse words at the top of their lungs. Thus giving the students an outlet for any anger thats built up inside and keeping happy conservatives who want prayer in public schools. Plus I think the whole idea just sounds pretty cool.

JunkBug, Jun 18 2001


       It was called "history class" at mine.
bookworm, Jun 19 2001

       when i lived in residence during my university years, we would have 23 hour-a-day quiet time during exam weeks. the other hour was labeled "power hour" where we were allowed to blast our stereos, scream at the top of our lungs, and pretty much do as we pleased. it really helped to keep our collective stress level down.   

       and in public school, this was called "recess", so i'd say it's pretty baked.
mihali, Jun 19 2001

       Every kid has been having a MofN since the beginning of time. From age 2 to around 14, almost continuously except when their sleeping and sneaking porno into the bathroom.
AntHill, Jul 13 2001

       it was called String Quartet practice hour at mine. Why yell and run when you can strangle a cat instead?
lewisgirl, Jul 13 2001

       If I become great when I die I'd like to be remembered with a moment of noise ...
futurebird, Jul 22 2001

       First of all, noise as far as I know is chaotic sound. People can make noise, but more often than not, people express thoughts, ideas and emotions when they make "noise" or sound. What this proposal asks is for individuals to make sounds that make sense (at the very least) to them. So really, this is not noise, but a concerted random expressiveness.   

       Second, a moment of silence is a concerted, controlled activity - an exercise in unity, sort of like an alignment of people if only for a moment. A moment of noise is not a controlled activity or event. There is no way possible of determining what individual expressions or vocalizations would do to the group dynamic.   

       Wheras I agree a venting of individual energies is essential for students in school, it should be done in a controlled manner taking into account the current envrionment.
munkeylunk, Aug 07 2001

       Okay, it's old, but this idea completely rocks. I'm with futurebird. When I die, I want a moment of noise.
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2002

       Yeah me too. Maybe the sound of a thousand pianos falling to the floor. That would satisfy [munkeylunk]'s "concerted, controlled activity" requirement.
bristolz, Mar 30 2002

       This is what happens in Seria A, the Italian football league. When remebering a recent death, the crowd stops its usual singing and shouting, and instead claps for a minute. Quite powerful (though still not as powerful as the minute's silence round every fooball ground after Hillsborough)
mcscotland, Mar 30 2002

       One time I was with a group of maybe 40 people and someone suggested that we all make a noise, any noise and see what happens. Well it was chaotic for about 5 minutes and then out of nowhere this wonderful harmonious chord appeared, we held it for a few seconds and then reverted to chaos. We were all amazed and even today I dont know how it happened.
Oblate, Jan 24 2003

       its called beer.
po, Jan 24 2003

       Winston Smith was required to participate in a daily 'Two Minutes of Hate" as managed by the Ministry of Love from what I recall.   

       Beware the telescreen.
bevnap, Sep 04 2003

       im with futurebird too +
benlevi7, Sep 05 2003

       //Why yell and run when you can strangle a cat instead?// That will never stand up in court.
pooduck, Jul 24 2005

       I think everyone would be embarrassed for the entire minute, worried about what everyone else would think of them, then when people are getting into the swing of things, the moment is up...
froglet, Jul 24 2005


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