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Student Triad

Let them govern themselves.
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If there's one thing that has caused the regression of many fields and workplaces, it's LIABILITY. Everything is documented and nothing is missed, when doing paperwork dealing with education, medical and employment issues, otherwise, the purported victim could sue for big bucks because somebody didn't follow "step 15, page 422, within the guidelines of addendum 16". I hear some doctors are having their patients sign waivers, because their liability/malpractice insurance is just too expensive.

Well I propose a solution for the educational aspect: a Student Triad. A student governing body that controls (and sometimes administers) student trials and punishments. Of course, it would all be in fine print and within guidelines of our basic human rights. Punishments would include: requiring extra classes, requiring extra study time, requiring cafeteria duty (for those who have this), requiring to wear a certain uniform, suspension, and the possibility for being expelled, provided principal consent. Voting would be done by those who know the accused/accuser, like their classmates, but anonymously.

Finally able to govern themselves, they learn how to deal with life problems, instead of having someone "deal with them".

twitch, Mar 30 2010

Wikipedia: Thomas Brown's Schooldays http://en.wikipedia...rown%27s_Schooldays
[zen_tom, Mar 30 2010]

Lord of the Flies http://en.wikipedia...i/Lord_of_the_Flies
" ...how culture created by man fails, using as an example a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern themselves, but with disastrous results... " [normzone, Mar 30 2010]


       You are describing the British school system up to the 1800s - have you read (the excellent) "Tom Brown's Schooldays"?
zen_tom, Mar 30 2010

       "The sky is falling ! The sky is falling ! Sue someone ! SUE SOMEONE !"   

8th of 7, Mar 30 2010

       I haven't read that book. I'm afraid my old english comprehension is quite lacking. I've tried to read some of the books that my wife enjoys, but I find the english style they use is quite INTENSE.   

       My aim for this idea was an actual school-official recognized disciplinary organization made up of elected students.
twitch, Mar 30 2010

       Student tirade.
rcarty, Mar 30 2010

       This idea reminds me of the book " Lord of the Flies " (link).
normzone, Mar 30 2010

       Because self-government worked so well for the finance industry...
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2010

       So it will basically become a popularity contest as the friend with the most "backup" will win the trial.   

       I fail to see how teens voting against one another will make teenage life anything but more dramatic. The bun is because adults are just as dramatic so they might as well learn early that life IS a popularity contest.
metarinka, Mar 31 2010

       (There is, but you have to include the words "I, fought, the, and, and won.".)
zen_tom, Apr 01 2010


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