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The Demoraliser

An advancement on the now deleted idea of school booths.
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Ok lets cut to the chase. My last idea on seperating kids in small booths to cut down on troublemaking wasnt all that good, but it made me think of new advancements that i could make. So here it is!

so when theres one particualry naughty child in a classroom or someone whose leading everyone else to be as equally stupid, each classroom is fitted with a "demoraliser". Since the child simply doesnt want to learn, and only wants to "have fun" as it were then all he/she can enjoy nothing. The teacher locks them away in this booth until the end of the lesson

Contained within the booth can be a desk( so they can do some work), again 2 speakers but this time at ear level with the student, soundproof glass and again the little button that raises the flag to signal for assistance. The child is alone for the rest of the lesson and has no contact with the other students. To make this demoralising, through the means of the speakers, play some really awful music ( wont say what in case i offend someone (but i would choose any pop/american idol contestant)) to sap their morale. as its sound proof no1 else can hear the atrocities.

One lesson of being alone will drive anyone from wanting to be in their again, so could actually cure the behavior. If anyone would lend me their constructive critiscm on improvements, i would be most grateful.

Liam The Baker, May 15 2003


       Liam, I think you'd be a lot happier with your life if you just quit your job as an elementary school teacher.
calculust, May 15 2003

       Ever seen a the film of a Clockwork Orange? I'm sure the contraption Alex gets strapped into a the end would cause the pupils (pun almost intended) to pay attention at all times.   

       As I said on the former incarnation of this idea - Battery Schooling is probably not a good thing.   

       And by-the-by, you could have just posted this as an anno on the old idea, rather than wiping it (as well as other people's annos) out and replacing it with this one.
dustmonkey, May 15 2003

       Still think teachers should teach, not lock kids up. I appreciate your concern for the other students' suffering because of one disruptive individual, but I think there are already better methods in place. Yarbles.
saker, May 16 2003

       I think its a very good idea why should the rest of the class suffer just because one stupid little brat wants to pratt about? Theres no actual harm being caused to the child, well apart from th music!
kaska, May 16 2003

       Constructive criticism:
musical choice: the kids lap up that "Pop Idol" rubbish - I suggest something from the C&W or Traditional Folk genres.

sp: separating
sp: wasn't
sp: there's
sp: particularly
grammar: "as stupid" or "equally stupid"
sp: doesn't
grammar: //then all he/she can enjoy nothing// I'm not quite sure what you're saying here.
sp: won't
sp: it's
sp: no-one
sp: there
sp criticism
friendlyfire, May 16 2003

       UK Pop Idol was excellent <slap>
po, May 16 2003

       FF - you omitted "sp: who's"
peterd, Aug 26 2003


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