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Lose on your investment - or your money back!
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There are a lot of stupid, money wasting companies out there. Why not an investment fund that specializes in them? Who would put money in such a fund? Trust managers for dangerous wastrels. Angry divorcees. Rich folk who hate all their heirs. Lunatics.

But the real business will be publically announcing your stock picks. And accepting suitably disguised bribes for NOT investing in some companies. Or bribes FOR the pick from their competitors. After all, being in the Moneytoilet.com portfolio would be lethal to a company's reputation. Certainly the resulting flight of investment dollars would tank their stock, reinforcing the Moneytoilet.com reputation for investing in only the very worst.

This would be very wrong. Don't do it! But I'm sure we can all think of a stock or two that should be in the Moneytoilet.com portfolio...

keithl, Dec 08 2004

"And the Steadman Award goes to..." http://www.usatoday...-29-bad-funds_x.htm
Mutual Fund Magazine (now itself defunct) used to make an annual event of pillorying the worst stockpickers year on year. For many years Steadman seemed to thrive on the attention. [jurist, Dec 08 2004]


       Rip off of a recent series of Dilbert cartoons (-)
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 08 2004

       Do you have a date range or a web pointer to a particular Dilbert cartoon, or is this just a vague memory of "something like?" I can check out library archives with something to go on.   

       I may have been out of town and not reading Dilbert when this came through, in which case I apologize for wasting your precious seconds with the same idea twice. However, I think I would have noticed. Dogbert's various investment schemes are amusing, and there have been a lot of them - perhaps you are confusing this with another one?   

       Whatever ... I came up with the Moneytoilet idea in 1999 or so, the ripoff accusation is a little presumptuous, perhaps. I guess that is what happens when people get neurotically possessive of ideas.   

       I came across Halfbakery today and thought this would be a place where a definitely halfbacked idea might be appreciated. Had I known of it sooner, you would have heard about it years ago.
keithl, Dec 08 2004

       other: [general] is not where this goes. Try Buisness: Financial or actually just try looking at where you place your ideas. If you just came across the site today, i'd reccomend lurking for a while in order to get the feel of this place. And remember, even if the first comment is negative, you can't prove by induction that all others will be.
[ sctld ], Dec 08 2004


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