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Mutual fund invests only in companies supporting your candidate

Political candidate donor oriented mutual fund
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Because Internet fund raising success could well mean the death of public financing, I would like to see a mutual fund composed of only companies that support the investor's favorite candidate. For example, Goldman-Sachs, JPMorgan, the military industrial complex, companies donating to campaigns through their lobbyists, venture capitalists, the capital acquisition lawsuit industry, etc. See some of these donors in the links below. As well the fund would offer tax deduction/protection such as donating to tax deductible on shore as well foreign organizations supporting U.S. or other candidates.
Sunstone, Nov 06 2008

Top donors for each U.S. political party (does not include foreign donors) http://www.opensecr...iew/topcontribs.php
Top donors for each U.S. political party [Sunstone, Nov 06 2008]

Obama Winning Venture Capitalists' Wallets http://www.forbes.c...h_0124politics.html
Barack Obama takes Silicon Valley [Sunstone, Nov 06 2008]

(?) School children raise funds for U.S. candidate Peshawar, Pakistan http://www.nowpubli...a-peshawar-pakistan
A group of school children in Peshawar collected a meager amount of 261 US dollars for what they called Uncle Obama’s election campaign in the US presidential polls... [Sunstone, Nov 06 2008]

Big corporate donors get behind U.S. candidate http://articles.lat...3/nation/na-money23
Even as he touts his base of small donors, U.S. candidate is relying heavily on well-heeled contributors who have given $28,500 or more each to his party [Sunstone, Nov 06 2008]

Obama outstrips McCain in defense-industry donations http://hamptonroads...eindustry-donations
...the defense sector has donated 34 percent more to Sen. Barack Obama than to his Republican opponent for president [Sunstone, Nov 06 2008]

Obama's fundraising success could well mean the death of public financing http://latimesblogs...arack-obama-to.html
"But with his announcement early Sunday morning that he'd raised more than $150 million just in September alone, Obama may well have killed the system that he claims to support. Some experts now suggest the once powerful idea backed by political reformers will just fade away..." [Sunstone, Nov 07 2008]

Scan barcode, see company's political leanings http://www.cbsnews....butions-of-company/
"... companies that make products in the grocery aisles pour billions of dollars into the political system, and now a smartphone app called BuyPartisan is giving new meaning to voting with your wallet..." [Sunstone, Nov 19 2015]




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