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Monkey Tank World

Fun for all the family!
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Monkey World is situated between Wool and Bere Regis, right next to Bovington Tank Museum. Just build a big wall around them both, leave the tanks open with the keys in the ignition, and let the monkeys out to play.

What could possibly go wrong?

wagster, Jul 22 2007

for dentworth http://www.tankmuseum.co.uk/
[xandram, Jul 22 2007]

Monkey World http://www.monkeyworld.org/
It's monkeytastic! [wagster, Jul 23 2007]


calum, Jul 22 2007

       I don't understand. What is Bovington Tank museum? Is that army tanks?
dentworth, Jul 22 2007

       Urangutanks ? +
xenzag, Jul 22 2007

       If they can type all of Shakepeare's works, then they can drive some steenkin' tanks.
xandram, Jul 22 2007

       oh thanks xan.
dentworth, Jul 22 2007

       are you quite sure about this?
po, Jul 23 2007

       20 years earlier:   

       "I assure you general, this tank is incredibly simple to operate, a monkey could drive it, ha ha".   

       "Well I hope you're right, our troops aren't very bright. I can't see that we'll face any problems in the future with these tanks"
marklar, Jul 23 2007

       Monkeys in arms. Just don't give them live ammo.
skinflaps, Jul 23 2007

       Sounds like the Bush White House.
ldischler, Jul 23 2007

       Hey now! That is just the general staff. The actual guys driving the tanks are very professional, and I would tell them so to their faces.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 23 2007

       Sounds like a wise and excellent choice.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 23 2007

       This really would be more than just a wild day out.
theleopard, Jul 23 2007

       Sounds like more than double he fun!
gnomethang, Jul 23 2007

       Monkeys in tanks would arguably do far less damage than humans in tanks. [+]
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007


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