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Monocular Phone

Handheld eyepiece increases effective screen size
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As mobile phone screen technologies approach the limit of human vision, displaying more information on a single screen requires bigger screens and results in larger and more bulky phones.

To achieve the large field of view required for the human eye to absorb a large number of pixels, proposed is a telephone consisting of an internal screen viewable with a high- magnification external eyepiece. The product would still fit in a pocket while offering IMAX-equivalent screen real estate.

kevinthenerd, May 29 2011


       At one time, camcorders had this. But the tradeoff was in the other direction: same field of view, but with smaller screen, rather than wider field of view with same screen.   

       The idea should be paired with some sort of bluetooth local video sharing technology, since this idea, by itself, thwarts the social aspect of two people looking at a cellphone video together. From the marketing point of view, that's a plus: ideally, you want to sell people stuff which compels them to buy more stuff.   

       Once you've saturated this market, you can launch a line of cellphones with binocular eyepieces, for watching stereoscopic 3D videos.
mouseposture, May 29 2011

       Or you can connect the video directly into you visual cortex.   

       We have a special offer on that at the moment. Why not drop in to our Cube and find out more ?
8th of 7, May 29 2011


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