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Phone Clothes Iron

Multitask when faced with pressing business
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Telephone integrated with clothes iron so you won't miss an important call such as a job interview, etc.
surfish, Feb 16 2005


       Ring ring ring!   

       (Joe picks up the phone and presses it to his ear)   

       Tsssssssss! "AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" "Who is it?"
DesertFox, Feb 16 2005

       This solution is obsolete with the advent of the "cordless telephone" in 196X.
contracts, Feb 16 2005

       Of course there were cordless irons by the early fifties.
FarmerJohn, Feb 16 2005

       I think the victorians had 'em come to think of it
po, Feb 16 2005

       Really [Ian]? (goes away thinking about sonic ironing with a really huge sound system and some clever software)
david_scothern, Feb 17 2005

       Why did helen keller burn her face?   

       She picked up the clothing iron.   

       How else did she burn her face?   

       Bobbing for french fries.
Blumster, Feb 17 2005


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