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Montessori Puzzlebox Game

Something like 'The Room,' with Montessori Pre-School Toys
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This is a simulation of a sequenced puzzlebox game, in which the objects, keys, slides, and such, are all based on Montessori teaching toys, and each open consecutively more challenging puzzles. Can you discover the mysteries surrounding the shoelacing toy, the shape-sorter, the fraction tiles and those mysterious beads? What elemental power controls the rolling ball set anyway?

The game could starts easily enough with a simple key to discover and turn, but by the end, you or your child are theorizing on the Poincare Conjecture.

Next up, Advanced Montessori Calculus Teaching Toys...

RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2015


       I love shape-sorters.   

       Though my favourite was the board which you hammered pegs through...
pocmloc, Jan 28 2015

       [poc], that was a "Teach yourself home trepanning" set, which accounts for a lot …   

       Will the ultimate extrapolation of the toy be the Lament Configuration ?   

       If so, bun.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2015


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