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How to Dominate and Render an Entire Generation into Addicted Minions...
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A mashup of Pokemon GO and MineCraft. Catch 'em all. (The electronic gamer market and all the tails that come with it that is).

Gamers wander around the real world, capturing and training their whooziwhatsits, in order to have their whooziwhatsits wander around and fight each other or mummies or something inside a Minecraft-like customizable world. Maybe they find bonus building materials by exploring the real world as well.

RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2016


       or MineMon Minions
popbottle, Aug 01 2016

       Doesn't help an overlord get things done in the real world. Maybe some real world actions open new virtual spaces and resources.
wjt, Aug 06 2016


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