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Pokemon Go type games for blind people, bats etc

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It seems to me that species that use echo location (dolphins, bats, slugs, cheese, politicians, etc) have been left out of these locative games.

So, I propose a series of headsets which fit on the aforementioned species, that have earplugs some kind of array of microphones and possibly two teeny gyro-compasses.

The headsets generates aural signals mimicking the target, the animals send out signals and if they squeak (or whatever) in the right direction (microphone array + gyros) they win and go on to the next level.

Actual useful porpoises are a bit thin on the ground...like you could use the bats to eat mosquitoes and finally get whales to realise that those funny swish-swish-swish noise is the whalers and bugger off post-haste.

I'm in condition tonight..

not_morrison_rm, Dec 24 2017




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