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Monument Valley Hats

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Monument Valley Hats are a range of hats modeled on the famous natural formations to be found in Monument Valley in Utah. Some terminate in wide brims, whilst others are small and designed to perch on the head in the manner of a fascinator (particularly for the female market).

Miniature desert features to embellish the hats sold as extras - (tiny coyotes, cacti, hungry vultures etc)

xenzag, Jun 08 2018


       Bun possible if taciturn, stony-faced Navajo codetalkers are included in the list of optional accessories.
8th of 7, Jun 08 2018

       If you get a magnifying glass and look carefully inside one of the numerous crenulations you might find the miniaturised cast of The Hills Have Eyes peering out at you.
xenzag, Jun 09 2018

       Needs a road runner - especially for the "fascinator" option. It should be powered by natural movements of the head, and move a bit like a ball bearing around a plastic maze, except for the sound effects.
pertinax, Jun 11 2018


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