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Moon ring

Ultra Ultra low orbit (mind your head, please)
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After the metallic ring was constructed around the moon, the gradual process of acceleration was started.
The surface of the ring quietly passed by, until no discernable feature could be seen. And yet, it was still accelerating.
At 1680m/s the magnetic bearings were discarded and the ring seemingly hovered a few meters above the surface.
No sound could be heard, and no vibration could be felt, but anyone who observed it could sense the enormous power contained in it's momentum.

After countless generations, they wondered: What was it for, and what did it do? No one knew, but they were mesmerised all the same.
Ling, Jan 07 2005

Zero Gravity Monorail Zero_20Gravity_20Monorail
this was done to death around the earth [FarmerJohn, Jan 07 2005]

Moon VLO device Moon_20VLO_20Device
Similar, smaller. [bungston, Jan 08 2005]


       Who levelled the surface of the moon before they constructed the ring or was the ring made from the ore excavated to level the moon?
mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

       Who wondered? The moon people? Surely this would make more sense on earth. Unfortunately the highest point on the equator is 4,600m high, so the ring would have to be wide enough to be visible from 5km.
wagster, Jan 07 2005

       Detailed scientific measurements soon showed that the ring was being affected by the tidal forces of the earth, and while the speed of rotation kept these perturbations at a minimum to begin with, it was inevitable that one day, the ultra-low orbit would collapse, sending huge fragments of the spinning ring flying in random directions.   

       A council was set up and everyone wondered who in their right mind would construct such a potentially dangerous device. No records could be found, but it was rumoured to be someone from centuries ago that went by the name of Linderbager, though no one could be sure of the spelling since the failed, but religiously enforced language rationalisation programs of the 24th century.   

       Linderbager's Ring evidently posed a serious threat to Earth and attempts were made to discover a method of safely defusing the looming menace. The main difficulty was the huge amount of energy stored in the spinning ring, and its safe release before it shattered against the lunar surface, sending heavy fragments of metal shooting into the evenly densely populated earth. The other problem was the fragility of the orbit, an extra lb of pressure in the wrong place would mean instant disaster. And failure would mean the loss of billions of innocent lives...
zen_tom, Jan 07 2005

       They're not as innocent as you say they are.
mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

       In comparison to the deeds of Linderbager, their petty foibles dwindle into insignificance.
zen_tom, Jan 07 2005

       [zen_tom] - The destruction of Vavatch orbital.
wagster, Jan 07 2005

       The moon people, after countless generations of combating the tidal effects on the ring, were totally dismayed by the fact that, many eons ago, a larger construction had been built on the Earth for transportation. The Zero Gravity Monorail had been commissioned 3 years prior by Saint Fre-eth.
Quite how they had missed that information, was unbelievable.
Many scribes had warned them to search for the meaning of the moon ring's existence, but were rebuked by the believers, who insisted that this was such a novel idea, no other being could possibly have thought of it before.
How wrong they were.
Ling, Jan 08 2005

       If it were on Earth, people would put friction driven generators up against it to power their radios. Then they would dance. On the moon, there are only two stations and everyone is sick of them anyway.
bungston, Jan 08 2005

       And one of them only ever plays the same Pink Floyd album over and over again...
zen_tom, Jan 08 2005

       I'll give it a + if you promise there will be a little restaurant out on the edge of the ring... with really comfy couches ... and good margaritas.
gomer, Jul 26 2008

       It occurs the me that pretreatment of the toilet seat using Liquid Paper might accomplish similar results.
bungston, Jul 28 2008


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