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modular solar sintering in orbit

giant fresnel lense modular grouping orbiting the moon to focus suns rays to melt regolith into a smooth highway
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massive grouping of modular fresnel lenses orbiting the moon to focus suns rays to melt regolith into a smooth highway,

pretty simple. once the highway is complete, you can land transporters on the moon that can help build more structure beside the highway by piling up regolith and shifting it , after which the fresnel lense can continue to melt 'structures' into solid place .

it's like 3d solar sintering. with an orbital focussing lens, using solar thermal power NOT photovoltaic. and NO lasers.

all you need is ultra thin metamaterials that can unfold in space to create massive lens. the best part is that if parts of lens get damaged.

teslaberry, Feb 03 2015


       How soon before hackers adjust the aim to point them earthwards?
pocmloc, Feb 03 2015

       A mirror in lunar orbit with a focal point adjustable over the range of the lunar surface is not going to come close to adjusting to reach the earth's surface. Even if it could, it wouldn't penetrate the atmosphere without sufficient distortion to render it harmless.
MechE, Feb 03 2015

       //NO lasers   


       Seriously, do we need highways on the moon? At 1/6 Earth gravity and no air resistance, you might be better off using your lens to power a mag-lev or some other non-wheeled form of transportation.
the porpoise, Feb 03 2015

       I would like to see the sitcom of the three working stiff astronauts, stuck out on the giant lenses. Looking after the aiming and lens cleaning robots. And the bald headed security bot.   

       The job a mixture of priests for the robots, maintenance men, and space based feather bedding.   

       I would at least watch the first season.
popbottle, Feb 04 2015

       // Seriously, do we need highways on the moon?   

       Well, if you smooth them enough, you might be able to use them for lithobraking. (Which is, surprisingly enough, not just a joking term for "crashing.")
Hive_Mind, Feb 04 2015

       You had me at the title. [+]
Voice, Feb 05 2015

       bun-in-wait pending category.
FlyingToaster, Feb 05 2015

       //the best part is that if parts of lens get damaged//   

       Sounds like a cliffhanger ending. Stay tuned until next week folks, when we find out what happens to the damaged lenses...   

       Maybe we could use it to spell out a giant 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000' logo?
RayfordSteele, Feb 05 2015


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