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For science of course.

Ask yourself, how far or high could a fully grown kangaroo hop on the moon?

Not a single one of us knows!

No you don't.

Now, you could be thinking to do the math and come up with a pretty close approximation of how far or high based on an Earthly scale and then changing it for lunar gravity, but...
...You'd find that assumption incorrect.
We've got wind, and pressure changes, and surface textures, and shear playfulness to take into account and these paramount questions can only be determined by experiments performed in situ.

Obviously we will need a tapered cyclotron habitat several kilometres in diameter, with Asimov moving-sidewalks timed to cause acceleration and deceleration to remain constant while traversing inwards or outwards, so that the marsupials can be housed at one Earth gravity for a majority of their days but allowed to travel inwards and therefore become lighter at their own discretion.

It's really the only way we'll ever truly 'know' for certain.


       You've been watching them bounce, haven't you? It's amazing, isn't it? [+] Have you felt the vibrations through the ground yet?   

       Sadly, they still have no road sense.
pertinax, Dec 31 2021

       but then again, on Mars…marsupials +
xandram, Dec 31 2021

       Oh we'll have domes by then.   

       // Have you felt the vibrations through the ground yet?//   

       No. They get all muffled travelling through the core.   

       //but then again, on Mars...marsupials//   

       and on Jupiter, jumping peters...   

       ok fine, yours is much better :)
theircompetitor, Jan 01 2022


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