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More extreme seasons

The worlds climate is pretty buggered already why not go the whole hog.
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If we are going to screw up the worlds cllimate we may as well do it properly, I think by flying out to a nearby asteroid and using neuclear weapons to divert its path close enough to earth to give the earth a little nudge we could tilt the axis some more and cause the winters to be colder and the summers to be hotter, lets face facts, the seasons at the moment are pretty lame, in winter if it gets cold enough to snow then your not going to get much of a summer, and if in summer it gets nice and hot so your walking around in a pair of boardies with no shirt then its unlikely that it will snow in winter, with extreme seasons you can have the best of both worlds, snow in winter and hot hot summer weather it would be great.
Gulherme, Sep 03 2002

one of many sites about the fabled 'planet X' http://xfacts.com
if the Sumerians knew about this then it must be true. [briandamage, Sep 05 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think you'll find that the impact itself, the massive volcanic eruptions and tidal waves that immediately follow, and the years-long winter caused by the dust clouds would collectively be more than enough to cure any survivors of the desire for more extreme weather.   

       Just move to Alaska, for goodness' sake.
DrCurry, Sep 03 2002

       It may not need to hit the earth just pass close enough to alter the axis so we get hotter summers and colder winters. surf in summer snowboard in winter.
Gulherme, Sep 03 2002

       If you want extremes, move to Siberia. All the snow you could want in the winter and hot summers. "Temperatures in Verkhoyansk have spanned 105 deg C (221 deg F): from -68 deg C (-90.4 deg F) to 37 deg C (98 deg F)." (Guinness Book of Records)
PeterSilly, Sep 03 2002

       // Just move to Alaska, for goodness' sake. //   

       Yeah ..... mosquitoes the size of Hummingbirds that wil eat their way through a corrugated iron roof for a whiff of Fresh English Tourist .......
8th of 7, Sep 03 2002

       Gulherme: while NASA seems to have a track record of just missing Mars when it wants to hit it, I really don't think the technology is there to guarantee the asteroid would just miss the Earth.
DrCurry, Sep 03 2002

       Why would a close pass alter the axis anyway? It's have to be a HUGE one to do that without impact.
dare99, Sep 03 2002

       We could do it with a series of lenses and mirrors in orbit round the earth: focus the sun's rays in certain places, and diminish them in others. No need to risk splitting the planet into lots of little pieces.
pottedstu, Sep 03 2002

       Out of curiosity [Gulherme]... what country do you reside in?
madradish, Sep 03 2002

Gulherme, Sep 04 2002

       Haha! I knew it!   

madradish, Sep 04 2002

       <stamps foot in frustration>
Where in Australia?
madradish, Sep 04 2002

       ahhh thats for me to know, if you go through all my annotations that I have ever posted then you might pick up some clues.
Gulherme, Sep 05 2002

       {doesn't believe Gulherme lives in Australia}   

       Surely the easiest way to achieve this idea would be to remove the Earth's atmosphere.
waugsqueke, Sep 05 2002

       Nah couldn't be bothered. I'm not going to hunt you down and feed you to UnaBubba you know.

madradish, Sep 05 2002

       I live at the end of the earth, well as close as you can get.
Gulherme, Sep 05 2002

       Step one: get in your car. Step two: turn on the heat. Step three: when you start to melt into the seat, change the controls to full A.C. and park in the shade on a hill so as to tilt your axis. Step four: play asteroids on your laptop.
gootyam, Sep 05 2002

       yeah me and the 5 or so other people who live here have to share the same computer, oh wait my horse drawn carriage is here gotta go.
Gulherme, Sep 05 2002

       Its just a rumour, but apparently, a planet called 'X', that is part of our solar system, but on a hugely eliptical orbit, is due to come barreling past Earth next March. Its going to (apparently) reverse our poles, cause all sorts of seismic and meteorlogical catastrophic events and wipe out most of life on earth. (s,pose it'll save mssrs. Bush, Blair and Howard doing it!) Its happened before and will happen again, apparently. Theres not much about it in the news, 'cos apparently the 'powers' dont want to frighten us! (how sweet). And apparently loads of the big observatories that watch for this sort of celestial behaviour, are 'closed for maintainence'. So, Gulherme(Perth?), it looks like your plan, tho' a good one in my opinion, is already in the pipeline. And like i've said before, its time to dust of the rhino-chaser,fire up the jet-ski and wait for the swell.......apparently!
briandamage, Sep 05 2002

       Damn beaten to the post by god yet again, that guy has it in for me. Well its an event that I wouldnt want to miss, glad I'll be around for it.
Gulherme, Sep 05 2002

       type planet X into google search and all will be revealed. Like I said tho' its just a rumour..... see link.
briandamage, Sep 05 2002

       YOU MEAN IT'S NOT TRUE????!@#   

       (Sarcasm aside, a big plussy mcplus to this idea. I'm all for anything that's x-treeeeeem.)
rapid transit, May 16 2003

       Maybe I don't understand what axis y'all are talkin about, but if its the one that defines our angle at which we face the sun, changing its angle would not make seasons hotter or colder. It would just change where these season gradients occur.
the rooster, Sep 23 2003


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