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North African wind ducts

Heat Western Europe with warm air
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The philosopher David Hume remarked that if God wanted to make the world a better place, one way would be to reduce the extremes in climate over the globe. Many places are too hot and dry for human life (e.g. deserts), while others are far too cold (e.g. Scotland). However, since God in his wisdom did not take sufficient steps to reduce climatic differences, the task is left to us.

Heat moves globally from warm areas to colder areas by a number of methods, including wind and ocean currents. Channelling warm air from hot deserts to cooler places would therefore help warm the recipients and even, perhaps, cool the desert.

I would like the hot air from the Sahara to blow north towards northern Europe, but there are a number of natural barriers in the way, including the Atlas mountains in the north of Africa. I therefore propose that we modify the Atlas mountains by a gigantic engineering process so that instead of obstructing the flow of warm air north from the Sahara Desert, they channel the warm air north to Scotland via a series of large baffles fashioned from rock.

Meteorologists have devoted a large amount of time and effort to understanding the movement of wind over the earth's surface. Their task should be to change it. Let us build the Atlas Baffles like huge sails pointing northwards, and while we're at it demolish the Pyrenees.

pottedstu, May 09 2002

David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion http://www.ets.uida...ogue%20Religion.txt
Part 11 explains how this world is badly designed, and how it might be improved (e.g. by abolishing all the laws of nature, and making people less lazy). Note: big page. [pottedstu, May 09 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This could further be facilitated by starting a popular religion in Southern Africa whose rituals all involve waving large fans while facing North.
stupop, May 09 2002

       Hurrah, hurrah, and thrice hurrah, for this idea.   

       Just imagine: "Where are you going on your holiday this year, Catriona?"   

       "Well, I wanted to go somewhere hot and sunny, so I'm off to Largs for a fortnight"   

salachair, May 09 2002

       I like this idea, mostly because of the entierly unnecessary inclusion of Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. Right! I'm not posting a new idea until I can think of a way of using Fergusson's Essay on the History of Civil Society as a reference. Hmm....
mcscotland, May 09 2002

       No, but they can carry twice as many coconuts.
yamahito, May 09 2002

       Look here, now. You Brits and Europeans have no sense of gratitude. After all, we've already moved giant continental landmasses to provide you with the Gulf Stream, which already enables you to inhabit reaches far more northerly than any self-respecting Canadian will suffer. And now you want more?!
beauxeault, May 09 2002

       Indeed! Glasgow at 55 North. Gadzooks, that's practically tundra where I come from.
waugsqueke, May 09 2002

       No sense of lattitute, you mean?
yamahito, May 09 2002


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