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modular floating island

build floating island with interlocking hexagonal floats
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part of the dock in the juneau, ak is made up of these hexagonal floats locked together to provide a solid walk way. rather than build some giant super expensive cruiseship like residensea, seems more to the point to create vast acreage with these critters and then just grow it in one place. maybe in a current neutral spot over one of the transpacific fiber lines. this kind of island would be cheap, easy to maintain, and easy to extend.

if this is baked, please post links - thanks

strider, May 24 2001

Large Floating Structures http://www.isope.or...ISOPEVol_I_1996.htm
Some indications of possible baked-ness here. [angel, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

...and more fully baked here... http://www.delphion...ils?pn=US03785312__
...though much smaller. [angel]

Lost Islands http://www.halfbake...idea/Lost_20Islands
And this remarkably similar, earlier idea. [angel, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Freedom Ship http://www.freedomship.com/
This is the 100 acre positron referred to, it features on the discovery channel from time to time. Doesn't appeal to me much though. [7snottyorphans, Oct 21 2004]


       Someone is trying to build a giant ship that would be about 100 acres in size. He is actually selling condos on it now. It is supposed to attract rich people so they don't have to pay taxes to their homelands. I forget his name or the name of the outfit.
positron, Feb 27 2002

       Someone was soliciting money for such a project called Oceania about a decade or so ago. Guy probably it was more cost effective to use the money to buy himself a home in the real Cayman Islands than building a man-made island which would could be destrbyed by any country who didn't like it.
supercat, Feb 27 2002

       How rich (and miserly) do you have to be that exile to a ship, however large, is preferable to paying taxes?
bookworm, Feb 27 2002

       Hm, i do notice that no one has decided to vote for or against this one yet. the problem with this idea may be that the questions, "why?" and "why not?" seem equally difficult to answer.
panamaxer, Aug 12 2002

       The original idea for this large self sufficient cruise ship was to give people the option to see the world and live in a controled area (No money? - get out!) Not paying taxes was just a perk. I am all for the idea of floating islands, but in a more realistic setting
mdwalsh, Sep 12 2002

       During WW2, the "Lilly" floating modular island idea was developed under the aegis of the RN's D.M.W.D. under Charles Goodeve. A test unit was assembled off Lamlash, Isle of Arran, Scotland. A Fairey Swordfish aircraft was successfully flown on and off the "island" as a test. Despite some issues with scouring and storm damge, the structure proved remarkably durable. More details on this (and other delightful innovations) can be found in the book "The Secret War" by Gerald Pawle. I'll try to find some links.
8th of 7, Sep 13 2002

       Why stop at taxes, if each hex had it's own flag, one could take advantage of other laws. Go to the Dutch registered hex, buy your stash, and hop back to the American registered hex.   

       Next go to the Thai registered pleasure hex, get some action, go back home.   

       Arabs fed up with immigration hassels can go to the American registered hex, get their booze, and go back to their own hexes to drink toasts to their homelands.   

       Aids sufferers can go for unpatetented-drugs hexes. Radio operators can broadcast anything. Non-American NRA fans could have a feild day. Cloner's would have the acess they need.   

       Good idea!
Great Satan, Jun 06 2003

       Reclaiming land from sea is quite normal in Europe (latest, Barcelona, biggest Holland). Sometimes new islands appear naturally, too, due to underwater volcanic action. Nobody knows who most of these should "belong" to. Lawyers, I suppose. (Come to think of it, there are quite a lot of unclaimed islands all over the world.)
git, Jun 07 2003

       Publisher's Weekly, re "Blind Waves" by Steven Gould. "The polar ice caps have melted and much of the United States is underwater in this imaginative new novel by the author of Helm. The government has been forced to relocate hundreds of millions of people dispossessed by the floods, while a few high-tech floating cities are protected by machine-gun-toting patrol boats... " Hey! The floating cities! They're hexagonal! They're concrete!
cloudface, Nov 25 2003


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