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More imaginative heat exchangers

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It seems all heat exchangers, just exchange one temperature for another. Which seem a little unimaginative.

I was wondering if heat exchanges could be devised that exchange heat for Pokemon collector cards, or gold, or Bay City Rollers vinyl, something - anything that's not quite so OCD.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 05 2013


       This Idea will face the problem that in order for something to be exchanged, it first has to be "collected/retained". Heat exchangers typically don't include any collecting/retention method.
Vernon, Apr 05 2013

       You will be happy to find out that advances in meta materials and nano-structures are currently doing this. Not with pokemon cards, granted, but amazing nonetheless. There was an idea on here ages ago about a photon bomb, using similar materials that had not at that stage been discovered. wonder if I can find it?
4whom, Apr 05 2013

       //a photon bomb,   

       According to Google, they tend only to figure in Transformers...although which is more fantasy-driven HB or Transformers, I couldn't say.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 05 2013

       You would need the amount of energy produced by a thermonucler explosion to produce more than a few milligrams of matter, according to the E=MC(2) equation.
whlanteigne, Apr 06 2013

       To be honest, I did realise later on that most engines do effectively exchange heat for kinetic energy.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 07 2013

       I just wish their was a more efficient exchanger that didn't demand so much for their services. Maybe if we force them all on the Euro...
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2013


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